Concrete Curbing

Low Maintainance Edging that will last for Years

If you have not seen our newest product, you are in for a surprise. Concrete curbing has made it's way into the mid-west landscaping market. This innovative product started on the west coast and has been rapidly spreading it's way across the United States.

Concrete curbing is a low maintenance edging that we pour onsite. It is the size of traditional brick edging, has a range of colors and stamp patterns available and can be shaped around any landscape bed.

The advantage to this product over traditional brick edging , is there are no breaks in the edging , preventing grass and weeds from growing through the edging and invading landscape beds. It is also 4" tall on the backside, allowing mulch and rock to be contained inside the bed instead of constantly washing out over the top and creating a mess in your lawn.

Best part of all - it's affordable! Concrete edging cost only a few dollars more than brick edging, but gives you a lot more satisfaction. It is not only beautiful once installed, but highly functional.

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