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Landscape Design Alton, ILThe landscaping on your property, adds to its curb appeal and value as well. However, a well-designed landscape takes a great deal of planning and creativity. In addition to looking good, it should also meet your functionality requirements; and this is why you should choose the landscaping company with a certain amount of deliberation and care.

Proscape Landscaping is a company that has been providing high grade solutions to customers across Alton, Bethalto, Brighton, Belleville and Caseyville. Over the years, the company has also built a very strong presence across Collinsville, Edwardsville, Godfrey and Glen Carbon as well as Fairview Heights. They provide excellent landscape design solutions to customers. The range of services the company provides is:


Your landscape can look only as beautiful as you want it to, if all its features are in the right proportion and if they are all installed well. The longevity of your landscape depends on the quality of the materials used and whether high grade workmanship has been used in the project. The hardscape is the foundation of your garden and yard and this has to be set well, using long-lasting materials.

Landscaping Ideas

When it comes to landscape design, the basic ideas used have to be in line with the overall architecture of the home and the rest of the open spaces on the property. For instance, if the house has been built on a classic architectural styling, it’s important that the landscapers also make efforts to ensure that the ideas they use match the overall styling and design of the home structure that stands on the property.

Garden Design

The garden is one of the first things that any visitor to your property sees; and this means you have to ensure its design is planned in a thoughtful manner. The elements used in the landscape should be used in such a way that they balance out each other well and that no one feature overwhelms the rest of the installations in the space.

Patio Design

A patio is a very popular outdoor installation on many residential properties; since it becomes the transition point from the indoor living areas into the landscape, it’s important to ensure that the design and theme should blend in beautifully with both these areas to ensure that a certain amount of continuity is maintained in the space. Since patio spaces are largely open to the air, it’s important to use weather-resistant materials in the work.

Landscape Designer

When you are choosing a landscape designer for the project, you should ensure that the company would be willing to provide you customized solutions. They should have the skill and ability to understand your ideas and provide design solutions that fit your preferences. Only a well-established and reputed company would be able to meet all these requirements.

Landscape projects aren’t something that can or should be taken lightly. This is why it’s important that you hire the services of a company like Proscape Landscaping that would be able to provide you with custom solutions at landscape design pricing that fits in perfectly into your budget and requirement.


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